Family Support

Programs for Children and Families do exist.

Providing support

One family

At a time

The Hertford-Northampton Smart Start Partnership for Children works with many different local agencies who provide services to children and families and works to identify needed programs and services as well as resources to meet those needs. Often, programs exist but are not being utilized. Sometimes duplication of services are noted. The Partnership was formed to eliminate those duplications and fill the voids in the service delivery system.

By blending and leveraging existing resources and providing funding through Smart Start , the following programs are made possible to the young children:

Choanoke Area Development Association, Inc. (CADA)  

The “Parents As Teachers” (PAT) project provides educational and developmental services to parents and preschool children and coordinates the Parent-Child mobile unit’s activities. For more information on PAT, please contact Mrs. Pamela Taylor at (252) 332-2692.

Hertford County Schools increases the number of slots for four year old children served by the Title 1 program.  The Partnership currently funds two pre-kindergarten classrooms as part of this initiative. Visit their website at:

Please contact the Partnership if you have questions regarding any of these services.