Child Care Resource and Referral

Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) services are community-based services designed to provide an effective child care delivery system; one which provides a link between child care providers, families who need care and employers and community planners who address child care needs.

CCR&Rs provide a single portal of entry that helps parents understand the child care options and make informed choices about their child care.  CCR&Rs also help develop and maintain quality child care programs that are responsive to local needs.  They offer a decentralized, personal approach to child care information and assistance while also acting as a central link among the many diverse parts of the child care system.  They do not have a regulatory function so they can offer impartial assistance to all parties.  Basic“core” services provided by Hertford County Child Care Resource and Referral include:

  • Assisting families in selecting quality child care for their children
  • Referrals to legally operating child care providers
  • Collecting and analyzing information about child care needs and supply
  • Recruiting to build the supply of child care to meet demand
  • Educating and encouraging communities to address child care needs and issues
  • Supporting child care providers through technical assistance and training

 What Else Does CCRR Offer?

  • Resource and Toy Lending Library that is available for parents, child care providers and agencies
  • Provides technical assistance to child care programs and facilities desiring to increase the quality of their program through our Quality Enhancement Project
  • Sponsoring professional development projects to help child care providers increase their education and overall quality of care
  • Offers support to new child care providers and provides technical assistance to exiting child care providers

Are There Services Designed Just For Parents?

Yes!  The staff of The Hertford-Northampton County Child Care Resource and Referral  believe that it is the parents’ responsibility to select the provider of their choice and to investigate the provider carefully before making a selection.  When a referral is made to a parent, every parent has the right to receive materials such as:

  • Rules and regulations regarding child care in North Carolina
  • Guidelines and check list for choosing and using quality child care
  • Parenting trainings and workshops
  • Resource Lending Library
  • Car seat trainings (must have a referral from health care professional)
  • Information on other community services

Community At Large?

  • Statistics on child care in the bi-county area
  • Public awareness to increase community involvement
  • Presentations about child care
  • Events for children and their families

If you want to learn more about quality child care, or if you are interested in becoming a child care provider, contact Marquita Moore-Raynor, Child Care Resource and Referral Coordinator at:

For More Information Contact:

Hertford-Northampton Smart Start Partnership for Children, Inc.
711 E. Vance St., PO Box 504, Murfreesboro, NC 27855
Tel: (252) 398-4124
Fax: (252) 398-3965

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