Meet our Board of Directors


Experts in their fields and passionate about early education, our Board of Directors are made up of members representing local government, state agencies, private business, education, nonprofits, religious organizations, child care providers, parents, and members of the community. The governing board provide oversight and develops policies for local Smart Start programs and services. The board is also responsible for ensuring accountability of the Partnership. The board meets, at a minimum, four times a year on the second Tuesday of each month.


Kathy Artis

Kathy Artis (Chair)
Term ends November 2019

Dianne Bynum (Member)
Term ends August 2019

Levonia Sams-Kenton
Term ends March 2020

Loria Williams (Treasurer)
Term ends December 2020

Katty Pena-White
Term Ends December 2019

Berna Stephens (Secretary)
Term ends August 2019

Lori Morings (Member)
Term ends September 2019

Julie Docteur
Term Ends December 2019

Margaret Gaines (Member)
Term ends March 2020

Pamela Perry (Vice Chair)
Terms ends December 2020

Jacqueline White

Jacqueline White (Member)
Term ends: September 2019

Judith Northcott (Member)
Term ends December 2018

Hope Eley (Member)
Term ends December 2019

Kathleen Wright

Kethleen Wright (Member)
Term ends: December 2019